The Universal Mind and I

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The Universal Mind and You | Anthony's Master Key Coaching

There is only One Mind appearing as many, and each of us can experience the Universal Mind by exploring what we perceive as our "own" mind. A metaphor that's not entirely accurate, but might be helpful in understanding the true nature of the Universal Mind, is the relationship between a leaf and the tree it grows from. The leaf might perceive itself as an individual especially in Autumn when it falls to the ground but in truth it is one with and part of the tree.

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There is no leaf without the tree, and there is no tree without the leaf. Also, within each and every part of the tree there exists a blueprint the DNA which, if cloned, can re-create the tree in its entirety. The same can be said of the Universal Mind and what we perceive as the individual human mind.

Without Universal Mind there is no human mind, and without human mind there is no Universal Mind. Also, contained within each and every part of the Universal Mind is a blueprint the thoughts or DNA of the Universe which could potentially be cloned to re-create the Universal Mind. We exist within the One Mind, and the One Mind exists within us - literally, not just spiritually or figuratively. When we become aware that the Universal Mind is all thoughtform given substance by feeling, then it is no longer important to us which thoughts we "choose" to create our reality.

What does matter is the feeling we choose to give substance to all thought. And when we realize that we no longer need to choose between fear and Love because there is only Love then physical life experience becomes the Heaven on Earth that we once only dreamed of. To learn more about the One Mind appearing as many, explore the links and watch the videos below.


Gerald O'Donnell the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing has combined his experience and training with military intelligence agencies together with ancient mysticism, to produce a powerful and effective training system that will allow you to access deep Theta and Delta dream states - while you are awake! While other methods and systems do exist, ARVARI is hands-down, no holds barred, absolutely the only one that will provide you with the positive heart-centered results you truly desire. The One Mind can project itself simultaneously as infinite conscious minds, or perceivers, that appear to be separate.

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In this way, the One Mind can experience itself from infinite points of view within its creations. Go to the Metaphysics Classes page to watch Lessons and , and to get updates by email. It is also the source of the different types of consciousness and intelligence in the cosmos.

According to Blavatsky, when this Ideation expresses in a human being through manas , it appears as what we call "mind. The third sloka in the first stanza of Cosmogenesis in The Secret Doctrine states that, during Pralaya , the universal mind is latent does not exist because there are no celestial beings to manifest it. As Blavatsky explains, the Universal Mind is an expression of the eternal Absolute Mind, which manifests through the highest celestial beings or Ah-his.

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The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I
The Universal Mind and I The Universal Mind and I

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