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I am, as of this writing, completely up to date on my bookkeeping and accounting. While I was at it, I totally redid the chart of accounts. For any given business, the chart needs to be customized. After struggling through a bad chart of accounts for a couple years, I knew the pain points and where I wanted to change it. You need to know what it all means. Are you making a profit? How do you know? Author Dawn Fotopulos says there are three reports that small business owners should understand.

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And make no mistake: Authors are small business owners! She says there are three reports you should learn to understand:. Fotopolus puts financial terms into simple analogies that make it easy for me to understand. After setting up my new accounting system, I generated these reports and decided that everything is healthy! Even subplots and placement of commas is more interesting than accounting. That means you should take the time to learn the basic accounting practices.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription, and we'll get the Picture Book checklist right out to you.

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Your advice here is spot on. In my non-writing day job, I am self-employed, teaching financial analysis and related skills to commercial lenders. Financial management is a key answer to the big question: Is this business set up to be successful? Understanding basic financial concepts and accounting, acquiring appropriate tools, such as the program you mentioned, and seeking professional accounting advice when needed—these are investments of time and resources that pay for themselves over the long run.

Great, great article! Thanks for the info, this is something I have struggled with for several years.

Very helpful! Monday, April 9, writing life Permalink.

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From Rejection to Acceptance Help your story shine. One of the most acclaimed experts in independent book publishing—Joanna Penn—has accepted an invitation to wrap up the conference with her closing keynote address. Authors can reserve their tickets at indieauthorcon. Penn, who hails from Bath, UK, will share how she has crafted a career as a self-published author and provide ideas and inspiration to attendees to follow in her footsteps. Writing can be a brilliant way to make a living as well as living out that dream of holding your own book in your hand.

Her 27 books have sold over , copies in 84 different countries.

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About BookBaby: BookBaby makes self-publishing easy, from book printing , eBooks , book distribution, and cover design to editing and book marketing services. Pennsauken, NJ — BookBaby believes that every book needs a professional edit. Self-publishing authors will have 31 chances—one chance per day—to win professional editing for their book. About BookBaby BookBaby makes self-publishing easy: From book printing , eBooks , conversion and distribution, marketing consultation, cover design, and editing.

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As part of its expanded digital book menu, BookBaby offers fast-turn ePub and. This offering is the latest in a growing menu of options for independent authors, from affordable editing packages to marketing tools and consulting. BookBaby recently released its Self Publishing Survey results that highlighted strategies and tactics that led to self-publishing success stories. You can do it yourself—and BookBaby has the friendly customer service, knowledgeable publishing specialists, and quality book products and services you need to get the job done.

The survey collected insights of about 8, aspiring writers and published authors revealing their book promotion strategies and which tactics yielded the greatest results. How much do they charge per book? These survey results spotlight their behaviors and activity levels, bringing clarity to what authors should do and when to start doing it. About BookBaby: BookBaby makes self-publishing easy: From book printing , eBooks , distribution, cover design, and now editing.

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The page eBook covers the entire self-publishing process highlighting a number of topics, including:. Readers will also find insights and shared experiences from a number of BookBaby authors. For more information please contact: Lucy Briggs, Marketing Manager lbriggs avldigital. These new book promotion services empower authors to select the type of specific support they need rather than a one-size-fits-all service. Smith Publicity experts will work one-on-one with BookBaby authors on ideas, advice, and author-led solutions tailored to their book, genre, and goals.

BookBaby is proud to partner with these book marketing experts to offer our authors the support they need at a fraction of the cost. With offices in New Jersey and Toronto, the firm provides a wide array of book marketing and social media services to spark book sales and create additional opportunities for authors. This giveaway is an offer exclusive to BookBaby authors who want to learn the steps needed in executing a successful book launch campaign.

My book helps alleviate that struggle by sharing established tactics that any author can apply to their platform. His book launch expertise has led dozens of authors to success, including placing five clients on the New York Times bestseller list at the same time. In order to reach readers—their readers—they must learn how to generate noise about their work, how to engage and build a fan base, and how to get fans excited about sharing their work with others. Pennsauken, NJ — BookBaby today completed installation of new book printing and bindery equipment in its Philadelphia-area printing plant.

The company added a Hewlett-Packard Indigo press for color book work, alongside a new Xerox Nuvera single color press for black-only projects. The major printing plant expansion also included upgrades in the bindery department with Horizon finishing equipment and a Kama die cutter. BookBaby also added Konstanza and Bordino machines for its hardcover case making lines.

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The new equipment arrived just in time to meet a surge in holiday orders. Pennsauken, NJ — BookBaby today announced the launch of the Self-Publishing Survey—a comprehensive study focused on revealing the most successful book marketing and promotion strategies.


The company has partnered with 15 leading self-publishing providers to ask published and aspiring authors to share their marketplace experiences and opinions. Is it great marketing? Is it pure luck? Or something else altogether? And then to share that information with the entire community. Over one million authors have been invited to participate in what is the largest-known survey pool in self-publishing history. Every author that participates gains access to giveaways and special offers, including a chance to win a Complete Self-Publishing Package.

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  6. The survey takes approximately minutes to complete and the resulting data will be available early next year. Authors interested in participating in the Self-Publishing Survey can start here: www. The company has created a free NaNoWriMo Survival Kit and additional exclusive content and to help writers throughout the month.

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    Our free Survival Guide will help those writers start their journey and motivate them to reach that rewarding goal. Last year, over , writers participated in NaNoWriMo, making it the largest writing event in the world. Having OverDrive join our services is a great leap forward in reaching our goal. Nobody else in the industry can offer this. BookBaby authors will be seeing more new features and services on the BookShop platform in the coming months.

    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide
    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide
    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide
    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide
    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide
    The Indie Writers Survival Guide The Indie Writers Survival Guide

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