The Blue Hour

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When I saw pictures that were taken during the blue hour , I thought it would be technically difficult to capture my own, but I was wrong. It's easy! Try not to be under or too close to a bright light source, because that can cause lens flares spots of unwanted light in your photos.

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Lens flare can look cool sometimes, but would be distracting in photos like these. For all the shots in this post I used Shutter Priority mode , with a 6 second shutter speed.

The Blue Hour

Taken earlier that day. A dull day may turn into a beautiful blue hour! Shot a few hours later in the same place.

The way the blue changes is pretty cool as well. It goes from light, to kind of dark and moody. Take a few practice shots first and check your display so you can adjust your composition if needed. They are located near Bridgewater and Lunenburg. After the shoot, we jigged some squid until midnight. Like the golden hour , it is a favorite with painters and photographers. Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy. The contrast between the deep blue sky and the glow of artificial light sources makes the blue hour an ideal time for urban photography.

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On a clear day, the transition between day and night can be a colorful spectacle, with the indirect sunlight tinting the sky yellow, orange, red, and blue. The blue hour refers to the phase of twilight when the Sun is so far below the horizon that the light's blue wavelengths dominate. Rather, it refers to a state of natural lighting that usually occurs at daybreak in the morning and during the last stages of twilight in the evening. However, the blue color spectrum is most likely to emerge when the Sun is between 4 and 8 degrees below the horizon.

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  4. By this definition, the blue hour encompasses parts of both nautical twilight and civil twilight. The Sun's angle in your city—click on the table. The different colors of twilight are created by an atmospheric scattering effect.

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    As the solar elevation angle—the angle of the Sun above or below the horizon—changes during the transition between day and night, different wavelengths are filtered out by the Earth's atmosphere, leaving the remaining rays of light to color the sky in ever-changing hues. During the blue hour, the Sun is so far below the horizon that the atmosphere scatters only the short-wave blue light, sending it back to Earth.

    Meanwhile, the longer red wavelengths pass through it and into space. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

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    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour
    The Blue Hour The Blue Hour

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