Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water

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A ratiometric fluorescent probe for gold and mercury ions. Tsubokura, K. In vivo gold complex catalysis within live mice. Gold-triggered uncaging chemistry in living systems. Gorin, D.

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Measurement of co-localisation of objects in dual-colour confocal images. Download references. The authors thank R. Menaya-Vargas for excellent technical assistance and M. Marcos for helpful contributions on MS analysis. Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Reprints and Permissions. Journal of the American Chemical Society Electrochimica Acta Nature Catalysis Trends in Chemistry By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.

From Metal-Catalyzed Reactions with Hydrosoluble Ligands to

If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate. Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Chemical biology Homogeneous catalysis Organometallic chemistry. Abstract The viability of building artificial metabolic pathways within a cell will depend on our ability to design biocompatible and orthogonal catalysts capable of achieving non-natural transformations.

Introduction Nature has evolved a very complex cellular metabolism in which a myriad of enzymes works concurrently to catalyze multiple chemical reactions. Full size image. Results Gold-promoted carbocyclizations in aqueous media Discovering metal-promoted reactions taking place in complex aqueous environments requires an easy way of monitoring the transformation. Table 1 Influence of the solvent and reaction conditions in the Au1-catalyzed hydroarylation of precursor 3 Full size table.

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Methods General Chemical synthesis procedures, detailed protocols, and characterization of all the compounds are included in the Supplementary Information. Synthesis of compound 3 Phenyl propiolic acid 5. If you are a subscriber, please sign in 'My Account' at the top right of the screen. Cyclodextrins and their applications in aqueous-phase metal-catalyzed reactions.

Corresponding author. Outline Masquer le plan. New water-soluble catalysts based on cyclodextrins. Water-soluble catalytically active metallic nanoparticles stabilized by cyclodextrins. Reactions catalyzed by supported metals or metallic powder in aqueous medium.

Metal-Catalyzed Cyclization Reactions

Top of the page - Article Outline. Khanova, Semen S.

Catalytic Hydrogenation of Alkenes Mechanism - Heterogeneous Catalysts Organic Chemistry

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Tetrahedron , DOI: Tetrahedron , 70 36 , Mukund M. Pramanik, Ruchir Kant, Namrata Rastogi. Synthesis of 3-carbonyl pyrazolephosphonates via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of Bestmann—Ohira reagent with ynones. Tetrahedron , 70 34 , Chemistry - A European Journal , 20 17 , Matthias Otte, Petrus F. ChemBioChem , 15 2 , Matthijs C.

Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water

Abdelmohsen, Floris P. Rutjes, Jan C. Aqueous asymmetric cyclopropanation reactions in polymersome membranes. Chemical Communications , 50 31 , Salvatella, E. Pires, J. Fraile, J. Tetrakis triphenylphosphine palladium 0. Rhodium II Carboxylates.

Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water
Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water

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