A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man

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Paul Sheldon (Author of A Voice from the Pews)

What oversight and regulation of body- and brain-changing procedures is necessary? And how should the government or insurance marketplaces respond to the availability of life-altering technologies? The focus groups were deliberately structured to include highly religious Christians as well as Americans who have no religious affiliation. The participants were racially and ethnically diverse, including whites, Latinos and blacks.

And, since new biomedical developments are more likely to affect younger generations, the groups included a mix of Millennials and middle-aged adults. This report describes the wide-ranging discussions that occurred in those focus groups, which, like the survey, centered around three potential kinds of human enhancements: gene-editing techniques that could give healthy babies a reduced risk of serious diseases over the course of their lives, computer chips implanted in the brains of healthy people that may help improve their concentration and ability to process information, and transfusions of synthetic blood designed to increase oxygen levels and give healthy people greater speed, strength and stamina.

See Appendix A for full descriptions. Accordingly, participants in the focus groups were asked to think about scientific advances that were, in many cases, unfamiliar to them and then to perform acts of moral imagination, anticipating societal reactions to possible biomedical interventions. Though focus groups do not provide a representative portrait of the general public, they can yield insights into how individuals think about complex topics.

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The three kinds of human enhancements — though far from an exhaustive list of biomedical technologies now under development — were chosen to cover a range of procedures from blood transfusions to brain surgery and goals improved physical abilities, improved thinking abilities, improved offspring.

Within these limitations, the participants engaged in thoughtful and often passionate conversations. Their discussions revealed a number of clues about how and where Americans draw moral boundaries when considering scientific breakthroughs. And, to a considerable extent, the focus groups gave voice to concerns echoed in a representative survey of the general public.

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Each focus group consisted of seven or eight adults coming together for an hour and a half to two hours for a discussion led by a professional moderator. Birmingham, Alabama, Jan. Dedham, Massachusetts, Jan. Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. Often, the conversations reflected optimism about the march of science and technology, mixed with darker fatalism about social change.

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The focus groups were not pressed to reach agreement. But the general arc of the discussions, paraphrased broadly, might go something like this: Progress with technology and medical research is inevitable. Still, such developments are disquieting. Some people will be left behind as human enhancements become available, and someone or some part of the government will need to watch carefully to rein in potential abuses, because we are heading to a place where the boundary between human and nonhuman becomes quite blurry. As they were asked to weigh pluses and minuses of these possibilities, many alternated between thinking about what they would do if their personal circumstances led them to consider an enhancement and thinking about how society would change if these enhancements were made available to everyone.

It was telling that all the focus groups could easily construct substantial lists of advantages and disadvantages that might emerge if these new biomedical technologies become widely available to healthy people. Participants in each focus group were selected to have some shared characteristics such as race, ethnicity, age or religious background to facilitate open discussion.

A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man
A Voice from the Pews : Insights from a Common Man

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