A Brutal Land

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Her daughter was 7 months old. Land moved in with her father, but he got violent too, and she left for a homeless shelter. From there, she secured federally subsidized Section 8 housing. When the farmer broke up with her, she collected money for a deposit on an apartment of her own by appealing to her connections on Facebook.

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On moving into a studio, she learned it was infected by black mold. Clients who had found fault with other employees did not complain about her. Nerve damage prevented her from gripping with her dominant right hand, so she was forced to use her left.

She got in a car accident and lost her car. She was ashamed to be on public assistance.

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With nobody around to give her the comfort or reassurance she needed, she tried giving it to herself. All her hopes seemed implausible.

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The strain of caring for a child in insecure circumstances shadowed the pleasures of motherhood. The paperwork she was forced to complete in order to qualify for help was interminable: applications with questions about her plans for the years to come, detailed proof of income that included documentation of her schedule and letters from clients verifying that she did indeed work for them, and continual updates to account for any change in status.

When, at one point, she submitted a handwritten pay stub, an official from the Department of Health and Human Services threatened to rescind her child care grant. To be eligible for a program that subsidized her rent, Land was required to attend a class about how to approach landlords, because they tend to resist renting to those on public assistance.

David Longstreath - Brutal Land

When Land is faced with any kind of irregular expense, she must check the budget pinned to her wall, next to her notes about when each bill will be withdrawn and for how much. This focus on ignored voices is established early on. For decades, the handwritten manuscript passed from one Zombory-Moldovan heir to another, until his grandson Peter, a lawyer and translator who lives in London, recognized its worth and set to work on it.

Called up as a junior infantry officer, Zombory-Moldovan is sent to the Galician front, and leads a multiethnic platoon into the Battle of Rava Ruska, where some , troops fought for a week in September His battalion incurs heavy losses, he is himself wounded and also suffers shell shock, but his painterly eye enables him to recall the battle scene in a way that is both beautiful and ghastly.

Brazilian farmers attack indigenous tribe with machetes in brutal land dispute

In their eyes, staring blankly ahead, is reflected the fire of the rising sun. They glare at life. Translated by Peter Zombory- Moldovan.

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A Brutal Land A Brutal Land
A Brutal Land A Brutal Land
A Brutal Land A Brutal Land
A Brutal Land A Brutal Land
A Brutal Land A Brutal Land

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